Paprika aus Abusir - Best Opp Sex
GC Greenville Dolce Vita на ринге CFA
BlueCourage Winsome Millimanny на судействе FIFe
GC Hillstblues Falkor of Greenville
Paprika aus Abusir - Best Opp Sex

CFA Show season 2011-2012

CFA show season 2011-12 ended on April 30th, 2012.

We are very proud to announce that

in CFA International Division/Europe!!!

They both are in European top 20 and are Division Winner (DW)!!!
Also Quiana is 4th best cat in Russia, and Zakka - BEST kitten in Russia allbreed!!!

GC DW Greenville Quiana

Worth to mention that GC Greenville Bimmer is 3rd best aby in Championship in ID/Europe!!!

All three are in CFA aby top 10:

  • Quiana is 6th best aby in Championship
  • Bimmer - 8th best aby in Championship
  • Zakka - 6th best aby kitten.